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Commercial Fleet Service Plans
Does your business rely on it's vehicles for day to day operations? If so we can help keep your fleet on the road and up to date on service to minimize down time and costly repairs. Fleet service plans can save companies thousands by making sure that repairs are made on a timely basis. Our on-call staff can be reached in case of emergency's to keep your vehicles on the road. Team up with Automotive Intelligence and start saving on your maintenance bills today!

Wholesale and Fleet Service Plans

// Applicable for businesses with 5 or more vehicles. (Excluding trucks with curb weight over 10,000lbs.)
// Fleet customers enjoy regular discounts off normal pricing on repairs and service.
// 24 hour on-call service
// Free pickup and delivery with extended radius.

// Simple electronic billing
// Calculated Maintenance and scheduled service reminders
// Complimentary PA annual state inspections
// Vehicle registration services

Schedule or call 610-719-8400 to book your consultation today! Let our technicians keep you and your vehicles on the road.

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