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Chevrolet / Cadillac / GM Brake Line Replacement
Unfortunately known for rusting out brake lines, we offer NICOPP - Nickel/Copper mix brake line replacement for your General Motors vehicle so that you will never have to worry about rusted brake lines ever again!

Nickel / Copper corrosion resistant brake lines replacement - $679.99

// Applicable Models: 1500, 2500, 3500, Tahoe, Suburban & Escallade.
// Includes replacement of brake lines, fittings, fluids and brake flush
// Master Cylinder F to ABS pump line
// Master Cylinder R to ABS pump line

// ABS Pump to Front Right Wheel
// ABS Pump to Front Left Wheel
// ABS Pump to Rear Axle
// ++ Add $55 for vehicles with independent rear suspension or dual rear ABS lines
// Inspection of ABS and braking components
// Inspection of chassis and braking and fuel systems
// Cleaning and inspection of brake master cylinder

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GM brake lines have never been known for their longevity. This is especially true on 2000+ models. We have seen a large increase in these vehicles failing state inspections due to rusted brake lines. These lines are dangerous and need to be replaced before the driver looses all brakes completely. Using the latest in anticorrosion brake line, we are offering a special to replace all of the brake lines on the vehicle. The job generally takes an entire day to complete.

Example of GM rusted brake lines:

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